Can I transfer money between my Green Savings account and another bank? 

Yes. You can transfer funds between your Green Savings account and accounts you may have with any other banks.

How do I know my account is secure?

Your account is secure through FDIC and DIF insurance which means your deposits are insured in full. More on DIF. BankProvidentOnline also provides Secure Sign On service which protects you from fraudulent online activity. It provides you with visual clues when you sign on so you know that you are on our website and it safe to enter information. Secure Sign On also helps us ensure that only authorized individuals can access financial information online. 

Do I have to close my accounts at other banks?

No, we do not require you to close your accounts at other banks. Feel free to keep an account active at a nearby financial institution and you’ll be able to transfer funds between the two banks. You can only transfer funds electronically; your Green Savings account does not accept checks for deposit.

How is interest calculated?

Interest accrues daily and is compounded monthly.

Will you be accessing my credit report?

No. We will be taking steps to verify the information submitted on your application, but we will not access your credit report.

Where can I mail my deposit?

This special account is offered exclusively online. You may deposit or withdraw by accessing your account through our website and requesting a transfer.