Security Policy

BankProvidentOnline is a division of The Provident Bank of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Account Opening Information

When opening an account in an online environment, its important for you (the customer) and us (the bank) to make sure that we have correct and complete information, and that the information is verified and protected. We take protecting our customers' information very seriously.

Increased regulatory procedures enacted since 9/11/2001, like The Patriot Act, have added to information-gathering requirements for financial institutions. These are intended to protect everyone and keep the US Financial System safe. In addition, ongoing advances in technology mean that we are constantly upgrading our capabilities to keep information safe and secure.

Our Information Security Standards

  • We continually update and improve our security and technology standards and procedures to help protect against anyone gaining unauthorized access to your confidential information, and to prevent fraud or identity theft.
  • We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards. 
  • Our employees have an appropriate level of access to your personal information in order to perform their jobs and provide you with the finest service available. 
  • We work with law enforcement officials to pursue any individuals who either fraudulently access or attempt to access or use information. We continually monitor new technologies to further enhance the security of this information. 
  • We build checks and balances into our systems—such as asking you for information only you would know—so that we can properly identify you when you contact us.

Online Privacy and Security

IDs and Passwords

To access certain online services, you will need a User ID and a Password. This information may either be provided to you or you will be allowed to choose your own. The User ID and Password are designed to protect you by confirming your identity to our computer network systems, and are to be kept confidential. Our employees do not have access to your password. It is very important that you not share this information or allow a computer to "remember" your password, particularly if you are using a computer with public access such as one located in a library or a college computer lab. For additional security, you may be required to change your password from time to time. 

Secure Sign-on 

Secure Sign On is a service to help protect you from fraudulent online activity. It provides you with visual clues when you sign on so you know that you are on our website and it safe to enter information. Secure Sign On also helps us ensure that only authorized individuals can access financial information online.


Most email is not secure and may be intercepted and viewed by others. Therefore, you should refrain from sending any confidential or private information via email to us from your own email, from our website, “Contact Us” area, or any other personal computer. However, when you use the e-mail functionality within your Online Banking signon, this is secure email and you can confidently send us account information, personal information, etc. If you have any questions about the security of the email message you wish to send, please contact us. Information provided via email will be maintained by us in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. 

Links to Other Web Sites 

We occasionally work with other companies. Some of these companies may be third parties who provide additional online products and services. You will see a disclosure on our site that alerts you when you are leaving our Web site. 

Occasionally you will notice on the Web site that services are "powered by" or "provided by" other providers or technology service partners. We contract with these providers to help us serve you better. These companies collect information on our behalf and have legally agreed to use your information only for providing the services that we have contracted with them to provide.